10 Surprising Lessons From 1000+ Blog Posts

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Victory Comes From The Exploration

Obsession With Stats Never Wanes

It’s Okay To Experiment

Consistency Matters

It’s okay to write for yourself or to explore new ideas without any intention of publishing them.

The Rule Of One

Write down the promise you made to your reader and cut anything that obstructs or distracts from that promise.

Never Think You Have It All Figured Out

Be wary of anyone who claims to have All the answers, or even most of the answers.

Learn And Implement

Learn something new. Try it. Evaluate the results. Try again. That’s learning.

Fear Diminishes But Never Disappears

“If you’re not at least a little bit afraid to hit publish, you haven’t pushed hard enough.”

Sometimes It Takes Two, Three Or Four Attempts

If you feel confident about an idea, keep at it until you get it right.

You Don’t Need All The Answers

Who doesn’t take a little guilty pleasure in hearing about the misfortunes of others?

Complexity Is Your Enemy

Readers of all educational levels appreciate clarity, brevity and simplicity.

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