5 Common Comforts That Crush Your Motivation And Ambition

And what to do about it

Barry Davret
6 min readApr 12, 2021
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A former copywriting mentor once advised, “When you write sales copy, pretend someone’s pointing a gun to your head saying sell this or die.”

He reasoned that you wouldn’t worry about coming on too strong or trying too hard in a life or death situation. You’d do whatever’s necessary.

The advice never worked. Your brain knows the difference between imagining a gun pointed at your head and the reality of a real one pressed against your temple.

Even though his method failed, his argument rings true. The tension resulting from an urgent sense of desperation motivates us to accomplish goals that would otherwise seem improbable.

Think back to times where you were most ambitious and motivated. Something drove you, perhaps a dwindling bank account, a costly medical procedure, or some other sticky situation where you felt an overwhelming desire to escape.

If you could recreate that tension whenever you need it, you’d achieve ambitious goals with ease. But opposing forces conspire to tame that drive.

Comfort and security.

Many of the comforts we desire most tend to stifle our ambition and motivation. Once we acquire these luxuries, laziness…



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