5 Little Known Sales Techniques To Infuse In Your Writing

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This technique is similar to what you call show not tell. I prefer the word demonstration because it better describes the intent. It’s tempting to tell the world about your expertise, how many awards you’ve won and how many degrees you’ve earned. Yes, there’s a place for that, but it’s not the best way to sell yourself.


Incongruous — not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something.

Things that are out of place, puzzling or don’t make sense grab our attention. When we come across an incongruity, we feel compelled to stick around until its resolution.

Tell A Secret/Exclusivity

Don’t you resent when someone withholds a secret for you? Most humans hate it. Conversely, we love it when we’re privy to exclusive information. We love it more when someone shares a secret with us and nobody else. It makes us feel special. That’s not always possible in your writing unless it’s a one on one piece.


Certainty is a simple concept, but I’m amazed at how often we violate the certainty principle. Most people crave certainty. We clamor for leaders who promise certainty. We buy from businesses that promise certainty. Would you buy a new car from a salesman who tells you you’ll probably love the way it drives?

Your One Of Us

Picture your ideal reader. What are her demographics? What is her day like? What does she love, hate and desire? Write down a list of ten (or more) different traits that your typical reader will have in common.

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