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Ten tips for men who aspire to do better

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In 1710, an obscure British politician wrote, “The appellation of Gentleman is never to be affixed to a man’s circumstances, but his behavior in them.”

Translated into 21st century English, it means that the mark of a gentleman is not his birth parents, finishing school, or other cultural markers, but…

The ten qualities

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Back in the good old days, cool people were the best looking, the most athletic, well-off financially relative to their peers, the most charismatic and insanely incestuous — keeping their romantic ventures confined to equally cool people.

During my teenage years (and early twenties), I tried to emulate those extraordinary…

Five strategies to avoid disastrous decisions

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In February of 2002, while chowing down on lobster rolls and speed-sipping vicious mixed drinks at a divey New York City bar, I toasted to an unofficial milestone.

At just over thirty years old, I had joined the ranks of responsible adults, defined loosely as earning enough disposable income to…

The playbook is obvious once you're aware of it

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Manipulation often brings with it a negative connotation, but its legitimate uses often go overlooked.

Here's what I mean.

If I were to manipulate a drug addict into getting treatment, would that not be a net-positive? Or, what if you tricked someone into leaving an abusive relationship? …

Barry Davret

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