Balancing Selfishness and Selflessness

Photo by Sara Dubler on Unsplash

Regaining Selfishness

I learned the lesson of selflessness as a kid. I forgot it in early adulthood as I lived the life of a single bachelor. I had an apartment all to myself. I had a job that paid my bills. I could come and go as I pleased. I could pick and choose the people I’d spend time with and the activities that interested me.

The Rewards Of Selflessness

It didn’t take long for me to realize there is a particular pleasure derived from being there for others and doing nice things for people you care about, even if you wouldn’t choose to do these things for yourself.

Experimenter in life, productivity, and creativity. Work in Forge | Elemental | Business Insider | GMP | Contact: barry@barry-davret dot com.

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