Can An Inspirational Quote Really Change Your Life?

Or Are They Soundbites Of Mindless Bullshit?

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The Quote Frenzy Continues

Fast forward a year or so, and my writing routine is in full swing. I hadn’t had many followers, but I put forth the effort to analyze popular writers and figure out their secrets. Many of these writers added famous quotes to their pieces. These quotes were often the most highlighted sections of their stories.

Make Them Work For You

Do inspirational quotes provide any other value aside from a burst of euphoria?

“It’s All Invented.”

I know. It’s only three words. It doesn’t sound like much without the appropriate context. It reminds me that all problems are invented. These excerpts capture the meaning.

How To Choose

There are so many good ones that provide deep meaning. How do you choose? Your first choice might be a quote that makes you feel good. These are often best left to Twitter updates.

One And Only One

I listened to “The Art Of Possibility” audiobook on my commute to work a few years ago. I was blown away by the chapter that became my go-to phrase. I knew in an instant that this would serve me well — assuming I used it.

I don’t know if you’ll recognize your phrase instantly or if you’ll need to mull it over before it becomes a permanent fixture in your life. If you have trouble deciding, maybe you need a phrase to remind you of the perils of indecisiveness.

My Most Brilliant Idea

When I heard my catchphrase, I wrote it down somewhere and soon forgot about it. I had later recalled it and forgotten it again. I then came up with the brilliant idea of putting it on the whiteboard behind my desk, so I would never forget it. Duh!


  1. Decide on the area of your life that would benefit the most from a new framework or approach.
  2. Pick out a list of quotes, focusing on ones that have a deeper meaning and provide a framework on how to act, decide or think.
  3. Pick one that resonates with you most.
  4. Place it somewhere conspicuous.
  5. Refer to it daily. This exercise ensures you remember it when you need it.

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