How To Experience 30 Minutes Of Mindful Bliss

The art of rejuvenation

Barry Davret
5 min readApr 9, 2019


If you’ve ever been on vacation, then you know that moment of bliss. You’ve just arrived at your hotel. You’ve expelled the tension and stress of the travel experience. You take a deep breath, smile and look forward to an entire week of freedom and pleasure.

Sacred time provides you that same feeling of bliss — the sense of freeness, letting go of the tethered connection to your emotional world and experiencing an intoxicating form of freedom.

Thirty minutes a day of it rejuvenates your soul, makes you more forgiving, understanding and hardened against the tension and strain of modern life.

I started this practice two years ago, sporadically at first. I’ve suffered from decades of constant low-grade anxiety. My brief respite of sacred time buys me hours of calm in addition to my thirty minutes of bliss.

We need more bliss in our lives

The constant pressures, stressors, and demands of modern life create an acidic mental state that eats away at your cells one by one. We live in a continuous state of alertness, anxiety, and other harmful stimuli that saps our energy.

Sacred time is the base that neutralizes the acid. It cleans up the toxins of your mental state and allows your inner peace to flourish.

Sacred time is built on solitude.

The best thinking has been done in solitude. The worst has been done in turmoil — Thomas Edison

Solitude is not loneliness

Solitude is the physical state of being alone. Loneliness refers to the unpleasant emotional state from being without friends or family. The two words are related but not the same. We often seek solitude to unwind. We experience loneliness when we lack relationships.

Voluntary solitude provides a multitude of benefits including freedom, creativity, and productivity. Some of the world’s greatest creatives and thinkers produced their best work in periods of solitude — Picasso, Edison, and Thoreau to name a few.

The more powerful and original a…



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