How To Reveal Your Expertise Without Sounding Like A Pompous Ass

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The Pompous Writer

Writers make the same mistake. You want to show your stuff. You worked hard to obtain your expertise.

There’s a tendency to vomit out your knowledge as if your reader will then take a knee in deference to your awesomeness.

Establishing credibility is important. But you want to avoid sounding arrogant or boastful. How do you strike the right balance?

Avoid Self-Praise

These are examples of unintended self-praise.

Reveal Your Knowledge In Bits And Pieces

Your expertise should become evident as your piece progresses. It avoids the boastful label and also increases suspense. It gives the reader a reason to stick around longer.

Provide Context

Reveal your expertise within the context of the story. Tell a story that drips bits of your expertise as the story progresses. Teaching allows you to reveal your expertise without sounding boastful.

Learn From The Master

Consider a credibility statement. The legendary ad man David Ogilvy, wrote a famous ad years ago.

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