How To Sharpen Your Decision Making Skills In Ten Minutes A Day

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Where Did I Go Wrong?

I recently started a practice of documenting my decisions. I do it each night before bed as part of my journaling practice. The exercise of recording decisions is the latest addition to this ever-evolving ritual.

When you record your choices, it enables you to question your decision-making process. It facilitates the examination of your motives and allows you to evaluate your thought processes.

We make countless decisions each day. Unless a significant catastrophe occurs as a result of our choices, we almost never examine the outcomes; this is why you must write them down. It’s the only way you can assess the effects.

The Recurring Theme After 30 Days

Do this for a month. You’ll be shocked at how many of your decisions appear silly or illogical in retrospect. I should have known my kids would hate unsweetened hot chocolate. So, how do I explain the poor choice? It was wishful or delusional thinking on my part; I’ve found this to be a recurrent theme.

10 Minutes A Day For 30 Days

Try this thirty-day experiment. It takes about ten minutes a day.

  1. What other choice did I consider?
  2. What was I hoping to gain by making this decision?
  3. In retrospect, what would have been a better decision and why?
  4. If I were advising a friend faced with the same choice, how would I persuade her to select the right option?

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