I appreciate you writing about this Katlyn. I don’t agree with everything the Israeli government does but the critics often present a one-sided story. The reality and history are more complex than what most opinion pieces tell us. It’s easy to look at the settlements and Palestinian economic hardship in isolation and draw conclusions. It’s rare that someone will present the full picture of the conflict.

Granted, the dynamics are too wide-ranging to include in a news story or even a series of them.

For example, the stated goal of several surrounding states and terrorist groups is “the destruction of Israel.” It changes the dynamic for someone who actually lives there.

I haven’t been there since 2000 when there was almost a peace deal. I bought a set of wine glasses from a Palestinian which I still own today. We went out for a beer and had a good time. There isn’t enough of that.

I look forward to reading your next update.

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