It’s The “Tiny Stress Triggers” That Drive You Mad

How Simple Behavioral Changes Make A Big Impact

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The Experiment

I’m on a mission to reduce stress. It’s not the big things that stress me out like money and relationships. It’s the little things. The car that cuts in front of me. A long line at the coffee shop. A last-minute meeting that appears on my calendar. Emails flagged as “high importance” when they’re not.

Next Steps

This experiment proved itself a winner — enough to adopt it as a standard operating procedure.

  1. Last minute meetings — Automatically decline unless they really are urgent. I may make an exception if the requester is super polite about it.
  2. Never wait in line for coffee — Only use the Starbucks mobile ordering option.
  3. Enjoy Traffic — Always have a podcast or audiobook queued up on my phone when I get in the car. Traffic stresses me out but with a good audiobook I don’t mind it. It’s more time I have to enjoy a good story.

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