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I had my daily story lined up for the day. I won’t post it today. After waking up to the tragic events in Las Vegas, I couldn’t focus. I wrote but could not edit. It seems pointless to write about marketing or business in the aftermath of this horrific shooting.

I thought back to 9/11 and how I reacted to those events.

I lived in Manhattan at the time. I watched one of the towers fall. I seethed with fear, anger and despair all day and night.

I recall watching some local politician on television the night of that tragedy. He gave a rousing speech to lift our spirits and finished up with these words.

“The best thing you can do is go out and live your life. That’ll show the terrorists they can’t win.”

The next morning I went out for my daily morning run. I lasted about ten minutes. The smell of burnt rubber still permeated the air. My blood pressure was still elevated from the night before. I couldn’t continue. It took a week before I got back into my normal routine.

As of this writing we don’t know if the Las Vegas shooter was a terrorist or a deranged lunatic. There are lots of questions and few answers. Whatever the cause, it won’t bring back the dead.

I’m thinking back to the politician who said “go out and live your life.

I disagree with his advice. It’s okay to take a day and unwind. Tomorrow, I get back to work. Today, I’ll mourn the lives taken from us last night.

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