My 10 Favorites From 2018

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It was tough to pick my ten favorites from 2018. I published over three-hundred stories this year. There are fan favorites and personal favorites in this list. I did not limit the list to the ten most popular though six of these did fall into the most popular category.

To everyone who read my work in 2018, thank you for giving me your attention. There’s no shortage of options in today’s world. I appreciate all of the reads, claps and comments.

I bet you don’t know the finer details of giving compliments. This story is a must-read.

Writing lessons from my copywriting days that are relevant to every form of writing.

I love headlines and stories that challenge conventional wisdom.

Journaling is the basis of all my writing ideas and all my creativity. This how-to guide is my personal favorite.

This story was a fan favorite. I didn’t think much of it when I published it. I re-read it after its initial success and changed my opinion.

I’m obsessed with creativity. I experiment with various exercises to sharpen and improve my creativity. These exercises have stood the test of time.

Another story that challenges conventional wisdom.

Politics drove me to write this story. I try to stay away from politics but sometimes I cannot resist.

This story was misunderstood by some and cheered by others. I received a bit of hate mail from this story. Some folks didn’t get it. I don’t blame them. I’ve written several times, “It’s always the communicator’s responsibility to ensure their message is read and understood as intended.”

I normally don’t like lists, but this story details the five different formulas I use to write five-hundred-words per day. The usefulness of this information makes it worthy of inclusion.

This story is recent and personal. I don’t have enough distance to evaluate it properly, so I’ve included it as number eleven on the list. The positive feedback has surprised me.

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