Sure. I’ll answer in reverse order. Through the course of working, reading and interacting with peers, I learn new things. When I learn something new I give it a label and add it to my list. Always give it a label. It helps with recall. It also makes abstract concepts feel more concrete.

Here are some extra examples-I’ve abbreviated the descriptions a bit in the interest of space.

The Certainty Principle — We crave certainty. When faced with the option for a small gain and a sure thing compared to a low risk with a high gain we’ll opt for certainty

The Ultimate Power — Make sure your prospect understands the ultimate power to decide rests with them. We can put borders on that power by controlling the set of options they choose from.

Continuum Of Belief — Meet your audience where they are. Play the appropriate role based on their current belief. Are you just a cheerleader or do you need to persuade them to your way of thinking?

The Scapegoating Tendency — People tend to blame external sources for their troubles. It could be other people or abstract concepts. I wrote a story about this one recently. I had an embarrassing experience at the gym. I blamed it on someone else. I tied in the experience with the lesson. You can see it here.

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