The 25 Hidden Motivators That Inspire, Influence and Arouse

A cheat sheet for marketers, writers and self-help enthusiasts

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The twenty-five hidden motivators

1. Status

2. Social conformity (majority)

3. Psychological reactance

4. Acquire or hold onto what’s scarce

5. Hope

6. Pride

7. HPD (hope, pride in your group, distrust of outside groups)

8. Certainty

9. Relief from guilt

10. Relief/avoidance from pain

11. Relief from the responsibility of failure

12. FOMO

13. Recognition of excellence in skills and traits important to your audience

14. Distrust of the establishment

15. Control

16. Emotional gratification (a trusted figure articulates your inner thoughts)

17. Address an indignity

18. Connection (friendship, love, lust)

19. Stoke fantasies

20. Safety

21. Protection from loss

22. Elimination of an embarrassment

23. Anger over an injustice

24. Pleasure

25. Freedom

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