The Art Of Re-Interpreting Old Memories

“A woman in a checked shirt sits in contemplation as she watches the sunrise through trees.” by Leon Biss on Unsplash

Memories Change

My memory had changed. I no longer thought of it as an experience that overtaxed my body. By 10 PM, I felt satisfaction about my impressive display of athletic prowess.

The Memory Exercise

Memories change. So do our interpretations of memories. You can change that interpretation with intention. I’ve been trying an interesting and therapeutic writing exercise the past few weeks. Here’s how it works.

  1. Write down your current interpretation of that memory.
  2. Write down a new, favorable interpretation of the memory. Force yourself to think of that silver lining.
  3. Spend time lingering on the new interpretation. Verbalize it to yourself.

Remember VHS Tapes?

When I was eighteen years old, I worked at a video rental store. It was my last day of work before I would be leaving for college. A month earlier, the owner told me he could squeeze me in part-time during winter break. Awesome, every college kid could use a few extra bucks.

Experimenter in life, productivity, and creativity. Work in Forge | Elemental | Business Insider | GMP | Contact: barry@barry-davret dot com.

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