The “Slow” Way To Be Happier With Less

Photo by Alex Woods on Unsplash

I feel the same way about dogs

My wife wants one. I don’t. I love dogs, but I only like other people’s dogs. I don’t want the responsibility of walking a dog or making care arrangements whenever we go on vacation. I don’t want to deal with vet bills, torn furniture or poop cleanup. I went through that with two cats. It was enough. Oh, but let me spend time with someone else’s dog or cat, and I’ll love every minute of it.

I feel the same way about trees

Six years ago we bought a house in a neighborhood named after its plethora of tall oak trees. I loved it at the time because it was other people’s trees. Now that I’ve been living here all these years I feel a guilty disdain for them. Yes, I know trees benefit our ecosystem in ways I’ll never fully comprehend.

Rent Or Own? It’s A Tough Call

Babies. Dogs. Trees. I love them, but I don’t want them. Ownership entails responsibility and expense. I can enjoy playing with a friend’s baby for a few minutes and then say goodbye when I leave their house — no diapers, no house-proofing or worrying about what the baby will do next. It’s the same with dogs. Give me ten minutes with a dog, and I’m good for a month. And if I’m desperate to hug a tree? I can always visit a park or go for a hike on a trail.

I Wouldn’t Change A Thing

If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change any of my decisions or question my desires.

Everything Has A Cost

Some of the things I’ve craved have turned out to be positive experiences, like children. Some of my desires have been mostly positive but sometimes negative, like pets. Others have proved stressful, but still worthwhile, like home ownership. Other desires have proven worthless, like luxury cars.

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