When Did Politicians Switch From Leadership To Cult Recruitment?

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How Do Leaders Unite?

There are three techniques leaders have used throughout history.

Unite around a common belief or value

Example: Martin Luther King showed leadership by rallying folks around the notion that all people are created equal.

Unite around a common goal

Example: John F Kennedy rallied Americans around the goal of going to the moon by the end of the decade (the 1960's). Your political affiliation did not matter. It was a cause everyone could support.

Unite against a common enemy

Example: Say what you want about Ronald Reagan and his evil empire speech. It helped unite both Democrats and Republicans. He won the 1984 election with forty-nine states. Yes, a lot of that had to do with the economy. The common enemy need not be a person or country. It can be an idea like ideology or religion.

Is It Our Responsibility To Follow Our Elected Leaders?

That is a commonly held belief. What if we don’t believe in our elected leader? There’s a difference between giving a leader a chance to lead and blind obedience. There is an axiom in communication that we can apply to leadership.

“It is the communicator’s responsibility to make sure his message is received, understood and acted upon in the manner he intends. It is never the recipient’s responsibility.”

Now, we apply that rule to leadership.

“It is the leader’s responsibility and burden to inspire and persuade others to unite around a belief, goal or against a common enemy. It is never the responsibility of others to blindly rally behind the leader.”

If you take a step back from the political melee, you can see the big picture. Trump has divided the nation into us versus them. He’s won over them (or us depending on your perspective). He then designated everyone else the common enemy.

But We Agree On Nothing

No, we agree on plenty of universal issues. We just don’t talk about them.
One of the most significant issues facing all Americans has gone unmentioned this election cycle.

It’s far easier to attain and retain power by dividing and energizing a few than it is to unite the many.

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