You Don’t Need Complex Principles To Live A Contented Life

Photo by Andi Rieger on Unsplash

1) Never compare yourself to someone better off than you

You’ll always end up disappointed because you’ll always find someone better off in some area of life that’s important to you.

If you want to feel better about what you have, compare yourself to someone who has less.

It’s easy to brood over the state of your thirty-year-old kitchen or that friend of yours who makes more money than you. It’s easy to forget the vast number of people who lack food, can’t afford a home or struggle to survive.

2) Be Okay With Not Being Perfect

Perfectionism haunts us in every corner of life. Your creation will never reach perfection, but you need to share it with the world anyway. That person who has been working on their book for fourteen years will never publish it. They’ll never get to a point where they feel it’s good enough.

3) Keep a journal

Journaling has served as the foundation of my existence for the last three years. Without my pre-bed journaling process, I’d be a lost soul adrift in the middle of an ocean.

4) Embrace your true nature

I’m a quiet person by nature. I’ve never been the talkative type. I spent most of my life trying to “fix” that problem. I had spent fortunes on books, courses, and coaches to learn the secrets of smooth talking snake oil salesmen.

5) Life isn’t always a transaction

I read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand when I was a teenager. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I was a disciple of her teaching (ranting) for several years. I scoffed at people who professed the virtue of generosity. What losers, I thought.

6) Do something that makes you feel alive

I work a regular job, pay bills and fight through the other drudgeries of life. But I spend at least one hour every day writing for myself. One hour is enough to stir my passion, bring me peace, and make me feel like I’m doing something useful on this planet.

7) Thirty minutes a day of sacred time

I walk alone for thirty minutes every day. It’s my sacred time, the only part of the day where I feel bliss — the sense of freeness, letting go of the tethered connection to my emotional world and experiencing an intoxicating form of freedom.

Experimenter in life, productivity, and creativity. Work in Forge | Elemental | Business Insider | GMP | Contact: barry@barry-davret dot com.

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