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Ten tips for men who aspire to do better

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In 1710, an obscure British politician wrote, “The appellation of Gentleman is never to be affixed to a man’s circumstances, but his behavior in them.”

Translated into 21st century English, it means that the mark of a gentleman is not his birth parents, finishing school, or other cultural markers, but…

Adaptation is one of the most astounding human skills, but only when we choose to employ it

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The omicron variant has arrived. Is anyone else feeling misplaced anger at the Greeks? The news is just another reminder that the minefield-laden road to normalcy just took another detour.

How do we fight our way through it this time?

We need to choose the same path we should have…

The ten qualities

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Back in the good old days, cool people were the best looking, the most athletic, well-off financially relative to their peers, the most charismatic and insanely incestuous — keeping their romantic ventures confined to equally cool people.

During my teenage years (and early twenties), I tried to emulate those extraordinary…

Five strategies to avoid disastrous decisions

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In February of 2002, while chowing down on lobster rolls and speed-sipping vicious mixed drinks at a divey New York City bar, I toasted to an unofficial milestone.

At just over thirty years old, I had joined the ranks of responsible adults, defined loosely as earning enough disposable income to…

The playbook is obvious once you're aware of it

Licensed from Shutterstock // Alexander Kuzovkov

Manipulation often brings with it a negative connotation, but its legitimate uses often go overlooked.

Here's what I mean.

If I were to manipulate a drug addict into getting treatment, would that not be a net-positive? Or, what if you tricked someone into leaving an abusive relationship? …

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